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Rayjet, Rayjet 30, Rayjet 50

Rayjet, Rayjet 30, Rayjet 50

The Rayjet 50 is the most recent model that is invented by Trotec Laser.  The Rayjet is an entry-level laser machine that is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.  The Rayjet has a table-top design that is sized similar to an all-in-one printer, and weighs about a hundred pounds.  Due to its small size, it is portable and used in customer's kiosks.  The laser powers offered include 30 and 50 watts.  The core components are the same, for the entry level Rayjet and the more complex Speedy series laser machines 

The Rayjet is a lower cost laser machine that is not sold through the traditional sales/distribution channels of Trotec. The Rayjet machine is sold world-wide, where the customer base includes businesses, schools, and government.  The Mahoney brand products are designed to fit within all Rayjet models, and offer a greater selection of purchase options and lower pricing.


In the video below, the first Rayjet customer says that his signshop employees learned how to use the laser in 20 minutes. 

We have seen several Rayjet 300 models, that appear to be the Speedy laser rebranded as Rayjet, and containing simplified functionality.  Please reference the category Speedy 300 for Mahoney third party products to fit the Rayjet 300.