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Trotec CO2 & Fiber,  Rayjet, Speed/Pro Marker

Trotec CO2 & Fiber, Rayjet, Speed/Pro Marker

Mahoney brand products are a third party alternative to the manufacturer's higher priced offering.  In this case, Trotec manufactured products are offered at a significantly higher price.  In addition, Mahoney brand offers Trotec laser engraver owners more choices--yes more purchase choices with a broader offering than Trotec.  Mahoney brand lenses offer premium quality (our close equivalent to Trotec's offering) and medium-grade lenses.  The medium grade provides a great value for a lens quality level that meets many Trotec machine owner's requirements.  The medium-grade lens customers typically own both grades and swap between each, depending upon the job requirements, thus extending the life of their premium grade lenses, for an overall cost-of-ownership that is lower than purchasing from Trotec.