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Gas Refill Service for Your Laser Tubes

Gas Refill Service for Your Laser Tubes

Laser Refills, Laser Recharge

We are one of the market leaders for CO2 laser engraver/cutter laser tube refurbishment to manufacturer specifications.

Whether you have an Epilog Laser, GCC/Laserpro/Pinnacle, Trotec, or other American/European made engraver machine, we can provide you with the best value for laser tube refurbishment. If you own a laser tube from Coherent, such as a GEM 30, C30, DEOS 30 watt, or any model of the GEM series, or C series, or DEOS products, we have an inventory of these products and can provide a trade-in so you have no down time, or an upgrade, so you get more power and a faster engraver, or simply refill your laser and rueturn it with our expedited service. If you own a Synrad 48 series, of V30 or other V series model, of the Firestar series or T series, we have them as well.

In addition, we regas all major brands commonly found in OEM fabricated laser machinery, by manufacturers such as Preco Laser, LMI, and many others.  Coders by Domino, Videojet, MECCA--see our lower costs.

And, we provide fast turn-around. Complete the form below for a price on your model.  We also offer new lasers at steep discounts.

How to Diagnose a laser for a Refill?

The most common symptoms of a laser needing a refill include:

 The majority, more than 90%, of lasers that come in for a refill, get just that, a refill on the gas and cleaned and re-alignment of the optics.  In some cases, additional repairs are needed, including optics replacement and RF power supply component part replacement.  As these cases are not the norm, prices are quoted per the repair at the time of the repair.


Is my laser Obsolete?

No, RF metal tube lasers can be refilled and repaired for more than 20 years and we have cases of 30 years.  Some manufacturers have difficulty getting components and want to sell new RF lasers, so call their older products obsolete and refuse to service them.  We will service these lasers and bring their performance back to the original specifications as when new.