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Trotec Laser Machines

Bell Laser provides gas refills for all models of Trotec Laser Engravers and Trotec Laser Cutters.  The gas refill service is applicable to CO2 laser tubes installed in entry-level models including Rayjet 30 and Rayjet 50.   In addition, the CO2 laser gas service includes Trotec Speedy CO2 laser0s installed in standard speedy laser engravers as well as the Trotec Speedy flexx models, including Speedy 300 flexx, Speedy 360 flexx, and Speedy 400 flexx.


The gas refill service includes removing the old laser gas, flushing the tube, refilling with high quality gases that provide for long-lasting lasing.  If any optics need replacement, cleaning, or alignment then that service is done at the same time.  Also, any burnt or degraded electronics are repaired.  Upon successful gas refill, a helium leak test and burn in period is completed over several days to a week.  For this reason, the gas refill service is typically 2-3 weeks in time.


All gas refills come with a one year warranty.