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Harness the power of the Medium 1.5 inch lens Universal Laser Systems Focus Lens w/holder for average engrave and cut quality jobs to earn more profit


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The medium quality 1 1/2" focal length lens for Universal Laser Systems machines is commonly used for high resolution engraving, as well as printing small fonts and very fine detailed works. In comparison to the most commonly used lens, the two inch lens, the 1 1/2" lens is about 40% smaller in size. Another use is for cutting very thin materials, less than a sixteenth of an inch. The concentrated power of the smaller spot size (increased energy density) enables cutting of very thin metals, when paired with the smaller orifice nozzle. Note, that the 1 1/2" lens is not widely used for engraving because the focus range is very sensitive, and thus a slight change in height will significantly change the spot size. So, as materials and laser tables are subject to height variations, especially when the surface for engraving is larger, the applications for the 1 1/2" lens tend to be dimensionally smaller works.

Universal Laser Systems machine, focus lens with holder. 1 1/2 inch focal length lens.

Medium grade lens quality for good quality CO2 laser engraving and cutting at a breath-takingly low price.


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Click for whiteboard presentation for recommendations of various lens focal lengths under different conditions.


Click for Synrad's "How to choose the right lens focal length for your application.

Fits all platforms, however, please identify your ULS laser engraver/cutter model in the options when ordering. Thank you.