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Pay $200 downpayment for Gas refill your laser for TROTEC SPEEDY 100 / C30, 30 watt laser engraving machines.


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Technical Support:
We offer technical support for $100. Often times we save customers money by identifying an alternate source or solution from the original manufacturer. Trade-ins on broken parts mean discounts off your purchase price. Email your trade-in suggestion

$1227 total payment. Pay $200 downpayment for Gas refill your laser for TROTEC SPEEDY 100 / C30 30 watt laser engraving machines.

For your $200 payment, you will receive by email (digital) your Return Authorization number with shipping instructions to pack up your laser and send to our company.

After we receive your laser, we will gas refill it, then invoice you for the remainder due ($1227 - $200 = $1027 plus shipping).  You can provide us with a shipping account then we will not add a cost for shipping.

The gas refill will restore your laser to full capability as shown in the original manufacturer specifications. In the unlikely event there is something else wrong with your laser, we will let you know and discuss if there is anything that can be done--we stock all electronics and optics, and in 1 out of 25 refills, a customer has an issue--so unlikely you have an issue (and usually those customer with additional problems know it because the laser stopped suddenly one day so they had an electronics problem, or their lens broke and they can see it is broken because of the crack seen while looking at it).

In summary, this order is the downpayment that delivers to you digitally, your Return Authorization number with shipping instructions. You send your laser tube to us (not the whole machine, just the laser tube and if small items are still attached after removing, that is fine, send it in). You provide the tracking number so that we track it.

After receipt we will gas refill, then when completed, invoice you the remainder due along with shipping.

If you have any questions at any time, feel free to call us at +1 800-385-6760 x102 and ask for Greg Rawley or email to

Gas refill is for a Coherent brand air cooled laser 30 watt C30 model. It fits as a replacement for TROTEC SPEEDY 100 C30 laser engraving machines with a 30 watt Coherent laser. It is the same laser as is installed in the machines, and gas refilled.

One year warranty on the laser gas refill service.