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About Us

Bell Laser manufactures and sells machinery to make parts and products.  Our machinery provides laser cutting and laser engraving for parts and products.  We are engineering oriented and very capable of improving existing laser machine performance (gas refill, better optics, new beam delivery), and upgrading them (new or refurbished higher power laser sources). See our product lines and learn from our expertise.



What to do during a Pandemic?

Consider spending more time to learn and utilize your home, or home office laser engraver/cutting machine. It's a great time for a beam alignment, done properly, and honing your skills for laser machine setup and operation.  Our Mahoney brand devices are available for online purchase then delivery during a novel coronavirus pandemic.  Also, take a look at our Mahoney Air Disinfection device and PPE to add to your disinfection tools during the virus impact.


2020, a great year to upgrade your laser cutter engraver so that you have the power you need to grow your business.  Get the laser power output that you need to run your laser cutting and laser engraving items by UPGRADING to a higher power laser. Take advantage of our gas refilled metal laser tubes, that are sold at a deep discount. And for you Chinese laser machine owners, we have glass tube upgrades as well. Find your brand and pricing on our e-commerce site.  And Chinese machine owners tired of buying RECI replacements are switching over to metal tubes with our upgrades.


What We Do

Bell Laser manufactures machinery for a variety of business types.  For industrial manufacturers, we have robust machinery that can withstand heavy duty operation on a continuous basis.  For the light manufacturer or fabricator, we have quality machinery able to run day in and day out, or a portion of the week.


If you require a simple to use machine, with simple interface--we have it.  If your need is for engineering-intensive control and operation--we have that also.  In summary, the machinery choices are available in standard, or configurable designs to meet the demands of your operation.


Bell Laser sells and services machinery world-wide.  We have sales representatives that can provide demonstration, installation, and training.

Our Business

With a foundation in multi-axis cutting machinery, Bell Laser has experience in all important technologies when it comes to laser cutting machinery. Our fundamental knowledge of linear motion, controlling hardware and software, designing software to nesting and optimization algorithms, to training and technical support gives you the Bell Laser edge. Combined with an experienced team, with each member having over fifteen years in this field. When it comes to industrial laser manufacturing, industrial laser optics and custom machinery handling manufacture, we've got all your bases covered. 


Sign Industry History

Bell Laser manufactures laser machinery with a history of innovation for sign shops.  We make laser cutters, laser engravers, and combination machinery including laser routers.  The founders initially began as a sales representation company in 2003 in Pennsylvania, however sign shops had their own needs so new machines were manufactured to meet the needs for acrylic letters, vinyl letters, wooden and plastic cutouts, laser engraved countertop displays, and ADA signage.


After developing the first combination tool laser and router in 2004 and exhibiting at Sign Expo in Orlando, it became apparent that the sign companies’ demands are lower cost machines with best quality. Importing Chinese lasers and improving the quality with American made components helped to meet the sign industry demand.


Today, Bell Laser has its own manufacturing plant in China complete with applications laser laboratory.  The software, controls and key technologies required for the machines are designed & developed in USA.  Bell Laser provides reliable laser products for the Sign Industry at a low-medium price level with great service as per American Standards.

Laser List

Most of the lasers that we repair are installed in laser engraving machines and laser cutting machines.  These laser machines are manufactured by Epilog Laser, Universal Laser Systems, GCC Laserpro. Smaller manufacturers such as Xenetech, Trotec, Vytek and Kern Lasers are also included, as well as defunct companies including Laser Master. There are too many to name, but these are the most common.


Inside these laser machines are metal tube lasers, or RF lasers, are commonly repaired by Bell Laser.  The lasers most commonly found are manufactured by Synrad and Coherent.  We repair all CO2 lasers sold by these companies.  There is a wide variety of other manufacturers that we repair as well.  Importantly, large companies like Synrad and Coherent will discontinue support and repair services for older products. For example, for Synrad the 57 and 60 series lasers, and for Coherent the K series.  For both these product lines, Bell Laser maintains an inventory of products and provides all repair services.


Many customers decide to upgrade rather than spend on a repair.  The upgrade cost is typically offset by trading in the old laser.  Upgrades to lasers can be searched on this site either by the laser engraver name or the RF laser model.


We provide repair services for lasers. We also carry a limited inventory of RF CO2 lasers and may, from time to time, provide a rental or trade so that there is no production time lost.  Please complete the form below to request a repair quote for your laser.


At the time of repair, or need for a gas refill, some customers choose to upgrade their laser to a higher power by trading in their old laser to offset the cost.  Upgrades on laser engraving machines vary in complexity, and are often simple, requiring merely the DC power supply and the upgraded CO2 RF laser.  Use the search box for your model of laser engraver or RF laser to see upgrade options with pricing.


We also carry an inventory of accessories, including Diamond K series controllers, Synrad Universal Controllers, such as the UC-1000, and have our own line of controllers for DEOS, G series lasers, Synrad lasers, and Coherent lasers.


Trotec Speedy laser compatible laser lens holders, optics, and more

Western manufacturers of laser engravers typically offer a single, very high priced, focus lens and holder, such as Epilog Laser, ULS, Trotec, and Xenetech.  Bell Laser offers two choices, a premium grade similar, if not the same, as the manufacturer sells, and medium grade, or a step down in quality with a big savings. As laser engraver owners recognize that not all customer jobs are the same, they tend to purchase both types, and more focal lengths to expand capability, because of the new affordability of our lens plus holder products.  Further, we also supply the manual focus tools as well, including manual and plunger.

Upgrade Power

Often, laser engraver and laser cutter owners, whether USA brand name owners such as Epilog Laser, ULS, Trotec, and Xenetech, or Chinese laser machinery owners, want more capability.  RF metal tube laser upgrades for are available for both Western and Eastern laser engraving machines.  For the Western machines, this typically means more power and thicker cutting or faster engraving.  For Eastern, or Chinese laser engraver owners, this translates to improved laser engraving quality. Use the search box, for your RF laser model, your machine name, or laser power, or browse below.


Contact us directly using the form at the bottom of this page, to spell out your needs for an upgrade. List the laser powers you desire and we will provide a quote, using our inventory of gas refillable metal tube lasers, or brand new glass tube lasers.


Diagnosing a problem can be important to determining the best course of action for a repair. Reduced laser power can be caused by a variety of issues, including the laser itself, the worn electronic components within the laser, need for a gas refill, and the optics.  The items for sale below enable the laser owner to identify specific problems.


We also provide support for Chinese laser machines and western manufactured machines. We charge a nominal fee that covers email/phone support to diagnose issues and recommend parts if necessary.  Parts costs are additional. 


Quality Control

All Bell Laser machinery complies with US Government regulations including electrical wiring standards and safety specified by NFPA 79 and NEC.  Laser safety regulation complies with FDA requirements including Subchapter 21 of CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) and its associated classifications (e.g., Class 1,  Class 4).


We go beyond the regulatory requirements for safety.  Our added safety features and training provides the sign shops with the safer ways to maintain the machines and operate them.

Distributor and Support Locations

Primarily serving the United States, Canada and more recently Mexico, Bell Laser utilizes local sales representatives to sell and be the first line support for its laser machinery.  Our technical support staff located in Pennsylvania support technical questions from laser machinery customers. The R&D, manufacturing and testing is based out of China.  Samples are run either in the US or China depending upon laser testing requirements.

Company Style

“Quality, Good Faith, Innovation, Service” is our company spirit. We always adhere to customer demand-oriented; provide design, installation and debugging and after-sale technical support and other full services. The support team comprises of experienced and hands on engineers.


We invite you to inquire about our laser machinery and speak with our satisfied sign shop customers.  They use our laser machines to laser engrave and cut coroplast, mat board, delrin, leather, plastics, acrylic, veneers, melamine, mylar, and rubber.


Please complete the form below to contact us regarding your needs or suggestions.  Thanks!